I graduated in 2000 from KULeuven (Belgium) magna cum laude with a licentiaat in Sinologie (┬▒MA China Studies). But that's only part of the story. As a specialist in Chinese language and culture, and a student with a love for premodern Chinese history, I made the most of the opportunities offered for study abroad in the best locations for my chosen discipline:

  • In the summer of 1996, after successfully concluding my first year, I spent three weeks in Taiwan.
  • In my second year, I applied for and was awarded a scholarship to study in the PRC at Shandong University during the academic year 1997-98.
  • In 1999-2000 I went with the Socrates programme to Cambridge, UK, for a one-year exchange.

There I found out that our KULeuven modern Chinese language and research skills were top notch and I could easily measure up to my peers at that world class institution. I also realized that this was the right place for me to pursue a PhD and in preparation, I took the first year of Japanese studies at KU Leuven as my second East Asian language.

Meanwhile, I had picked up a bit of Russian from my classmates in China and then took two years of evening classes at the CLT. I love languages!

Image: "'Universiteitsbibliotheek' Ladeuzeplein Leuven" by FaceMePLS is licensed under CC BY 2.0 .

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