1. Lunar new year celebrations

Could we do this instead of fireworks in future? Less noise and smoke pollution, still very impressive! Happy New Year! 新年快樂!恭喜發財!

2. Neat online special effects

Courtesy of Tom Woodward's weekly webharvest. Tom does a better job than me of finding out the weird, wonderful on the wild wide web and keeping track of it, btw.

This introduces you to the basics of "Perspective.js" and provides a nifty little web-based training playground "for making dashing parallax scroll effects."

3. Disillusion in the land of academia

Some on-point writing in this piece from Steve Salaita: 'The Customs of Obedience in Academe'. You don't have to agree with every single point or perspective here but I recommend reading it if you have friends in the academic world, or are trying to understand why some of them want to leave/left already. 'It's complicated' doesn't even begin to cover it. We need more thoughtful long-form writing, and we need more people to engage with it.

4. Best frites places near a railway station

"The best chip shops in Belgian city centres"

On a lighter note this great comms piece from the Belgian railways (NMBS) - in Dutch, but I trust your internet skillz to find the locations of these recommended "fritkoten" or "friteries" as we call them (in Flemish or French respectively). I'm off to try them all, one by one. With mayo, of course. How else? #ImBelgian

Featured image by Alan Levine, "Got links?", CC license. Cropped to size.

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