A bit lighter today, in content and number of links - I was busy finishing up something that took me away from regular internet into the depths of medieval East Asia. Unless you know a bit of classical Chinese ànd you're dying to know where "independent scholars" (I now am one of those!) find their resources without daily access to a research library, my browsing history the past will put you to sleep. So here are a couple of more entertaining links!

1. Drawings by Shiro

What happens when your seven-year-old asks for their own YouTube channel or Instagram page, but you're a responsible parent? This conversation:

Of course building them their own website is the right answer! And Shiro's got some really cool drawings, please check them out! Shiro's very talented and has a great imagination, and knows a thing or two about kaiju. What more do you want from a budding artist?

2. Stacking rocks

And other fun distractions on the Neal Fun website. Best to set a timer before you dive in here, some really fun and entertaining exploration-based games available here. Can you stack these rocks in a stable position? Have a go!

Screenshot from the Stacking Rocks game, with four larger rocks on a beach by sunset. All the light is orange-yellow with a setting sun in the background.
Sunset on the beach, stacking some virtual rocks on the Neal Fun website... Really fun!

Featured image by Alan Levine, "Got links?", CC license. Cropped to size.

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